Sunday, July 29, 2007

Party Time...

I decided since I am living in Chicago, I am not going to be lame and stay in the house all the time, I am going out.My cousin and his guy friends where invited to one of his girlfriends rooftop party.That sounds like fun ,great weather,free food, and free drinks. Side note: There are way too many DOGS in this city.It is driving me crazy. This dog tonite, in the building where the party was, looked like a dang coyote and the owner was like "oh he doesn't bite". I was thinking to myself the hell he doesn't! Ok I just thought about that because I was walking back to the house and saw some more dogs. What are they doing out this time of night?

Back to the party,only a few of you may know this, but I am very shy. Don't say I'm not, because I am; I just don't show it too often. So I dressed in jeans, shirt, heels; and my new handbag(that is so hot).My cousin and all his guys get here and we leave.The ride to the party was so funny! First of all, off all these men range in age from 33-37. Unlike the south the folk here aren't married, nor do the men have baby mommas all over the place. When I lived in Dallas I would say that I didn't want to date a man with kids and people would tell me I needed to lower my

So I am riding with these guys listening to them prep for this party.
When I say prep I mean they determine their odds of meeting women then which ones they might be able to smash(have sex with). Of course I asked if they were married or had kids, they acted as though I cursed them out. None of them are looking to get married at this point, reason being and I quote" there are to many beautiful ladies out here to be with just one"! So they continue chatting among each other talking about guy stuff like I'm not even in the car.If women knew what men talked about when they weren't We get to the party and all the ladies are in club style sun dresses (I know there is another name for them) of course I am thinking WTF! But hey I don't have a sun dress that will fit over these midgets I have on my chest anyway. I ate, got me a drink(Lord forgive me...remember I am still a work in progress) to calm my nerves in order for me to get the courage to talk to strangers. I met a few people then went on the balcony it was great. Do you know they have a firework show every Saturday nite, at the lake front? To make a long story short. I sit outside enjoying the breeze and listen to these guys tell an extremely funny story. I watched all these men sweat this one girl who actually ended up being married( but wasn't wearing a wedding ring). Basically I met no new friends and I finally made it home after dropping the clan off telling you all about my first night out in the Chi. Tomorrow I am going to try going biking along lake shore which I think will be pretty funny since I haven't done it in years. These people bike and roller blade on the main street with cars. They are crazy! Anyway good night folks stay tuned for more of" The Journey of Ms. Devereaux"

Oh, I forgot to mention something that was funny. Remember I am out here on a budget and I left alot of stuff in Dallas. I wore a pair of open toe shoes, but I haven't had my toenails manicured and one is chipped. You know me, thinking hey it's night time, no one will notice. NOT TRUE somebody did notice and they said something to me about it. I could do nothing but laugh because I knew better. I should have just worn pumps. Anyway my play cousin warned me of things like this. For real this time, Goodnite


Eryn said...

LOL @ your treekicking feet!

Toia Russell said...

I am glad that things are falling into place for you. Get yo feets done every two weeks. And know that you are still CRAZY, I miss ya. I love ya .... be blessd.
Toia Russell