Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Homework Already?

Hey ya'll school hasn't started, but they gave us a book to read called "Class Matters", plus an assignment that is due tomorrow. We are to write a first person essay (500 words or less), considering issues of class, race, gender, religion, ethnicity, and or culture-- or anything else that is important " telling details" about what shaped the person I am today... So I did and I thought I would share it with you guys. I hope I don't sound too crazy! Oh yeah I think the title is kind of crazy but I am going with it, just to see what happens. Leave a comment and tell me your honest thoughts. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Please excuse any errors you may find. Hence the reason I am attending school to become a great writer...and I thank you.

Same Face Different Story

Twenty- five years ago I was born too lower class parents-- a warehouse worker for a father, and a housekeeper for a mother, at Parkland County Hospital in Dallas, TX. Growing up in my neighborhood everyone’s story was familiar. African-American, single parents, unhappy two parent homes, poor housing ‘one step’ up from the projects, sub par
education system, with people who are only familiar with our surroundings. North Dallas, Arlington, Irving, and other suburban areas were home to the white population. Most Mexican- Americans at the time lived in one small area near my neighborhood.
I attended school with those who where just like me, but never understood me, many thinking I was in the wrong place, and never really knowing my story. Even though I was just like everyone else, I always stuck out like a sore thumb.
I have moved nearly 30 times (yes, literally 30) in my short life. I have lived in what some would consider the worst neighborhoods and the best neighborhoods in Dallas. By attending church every Saturday I received the outlet to engage with others -- working, middle, and upper class. Although they appeared to be like me, of the same ethnicity, race, religion, our cultural backgrounds were extremely different. Recognizing this difference I sought to become part of their culture. I was taught by my father a ‘street wise’ mentality, while my mother reminded me to remember my feminine side, and my faith in God. However, I forgot most of the things my mother said, and portrayed myself as my father instilled in me to be at a young age.
It was not until my teenage and adult years, did I socialize with individuals from other cultures, and ethnics. Due to my shallow mind develop from growing up it was hard to adjust, so I reverted to my comfort zone. The desire to succeed never left for me, thankfully I was granted the chance to move in a neighborhood, I had previously seen in pictures. The world around me completely dismissed everything I knew to be true. My thoughts on family, race, culture, and religion changed. My erratic behavior, fear, and bizarre ideas on life hinder me for a moment. Remembering my past and not wanting to return, I embraced the new culture I felt had been awaiting me for years. Today, I am able to attend Columbia College in an environment that takes diversity to the limit. Years ago, I would have shied away from such an experience. Now I am ready to indulge, learn, experience, and most of all enjoy this journey.


ErynMyisha said...

good essay, not that you put your entire name on this blog but that's cool lol. i'm mad that you have homework already! how did you even get it if school hasn't started yet?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Erynmyisha, GOOD ESSAY. This is a great start Tia. Keep it up.

Ms. Cherri

Anonymous said...

Good essay. I suggest changing the wording to "lower socioeconomic group or status" because to say one is of a "lower class" takes on a whole different meaning... However, if that is the intended effect, ok. Keep up the good work! I am proud of you! There is now turning back now...sky is the limit!

KnitFloozy said...

You are doing good gurl!!! Work it out!!!