Saturday, August 4, 2007

I don't have a title it's just random thoughts about my week

Hello all, this week went a little better I think. Let's see what all did I do...

I stayed at home alone for 2 nights which I actually enjoyed.
I spent $90.00 on six bags of grocery
I stayed with an older (80 something to be exact) family member and realized I want to get married and have kids
I question my creative abilities
I went to an AND 1 mix tape basketball game (yes I still like AND 1)
I realized a person will show you their many faces when put in the right situation
I realized I might not be as original as I thought
A married man asked me if I wanted to be his second wife...(CREEPY)
I went to church
I ate at Taco Burrito one of my favorite spots here
I received hair treatment advice from extremely ghetto people from the beauty supply house
I attempted to flat iron my hair with an off brand CHI
I ate alone at a restaurant outside on the patio
I didn't read my Sabbath School lesson
I still don't have a job, but the Lord has great timing.
I met some people but I am paranoid about hanging out with them...LOL (dumb huh?)
I went to a job interview and the cab driver gave me his number... (Weird)
I think I have OCD; I stood at the car making sure it was locked for 5 minutes... (Insane)
My cousin and I ate at a great Thai restaurant across the street
My guardian angel help me get things into perspective once again
I went to Jamba Juice in pj's and a shirt that says "try it you'll like it"...very BAD idea

Staying alone forces you to take a serious look at who you really are. I HATE THAT! To be honest with you, I have always been afraid to have alone time. I never really wanted to look inside and deal with my deeply rooted issues. I mean I can only keep myself occupied for so long until I have to be alone with my thoughts and the voices in my head (j/k there is only 2 voices I hear now). However I really don't think I am crazy. Believe it or not I am brilliant! So the question is WHO AM I? I don't know, but I think I am slowly learning the answer to that question. I definitely might not like all the answers but at least I know them. When I think back over the past I have to wonder if I have been true to myself, I believe the answer might be NO. What the hell does that even mean to be true to yourself?

Oh yeah I have another dog story. I was walking the other day to the beauty supply house (it’s a far cry from an Ulta store), and this guy was walking 2 huge rottweiler's. He stopped and threw their leashes over a fence, and walked into the street to chat with this dude. Mind you I have walked out of my decent neighborhood into the HOOD of Chicago. How do I know it’s the hood because everybody knows that DR.MLK Street is in the hood of every city nation wide, and I was walking on MLK street "the hood".I began to slow down because these dogs looked as though they were going to eat my legs off. The guy saw me slow down and of course he says the same thing all these fools here say "oh they won't bite" the hell they won't. They look like some dogs Michael Vick probably would fight with. I realized that there is no backyard downtown so all these dogs have like their own room possibly that is so crazy to me. Also why doesn't anyone think their dog will bite people? Crazy city people, so that's all for now folks I hope I didn't make you to bored. Goodnight!

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*~Kniki~* said...

"You and these random thoughts!"......we must pray..."oh, yes!" well I hope everything is going well or you. You finally got what you have been wanting "THE WINDY CITY!" So proud of can do this Tia, I believe in you!