Monday, August 13, 2007

Its never really bad....oh yeah more random thoughts

The other night I was out about 1 a.m. and I saw this lady sitting on a park bench with her daughter on her lap sleep. I assume they were homeless and they had to sleep there. After seeing them I begin to realize how much I complain, when in reality nothing I am experiencing is worst than sleeping on a park bench with your child. From that point on I decided to tell myself that it’s never bad. As long as I have shelter, food, clothes, friends, family, and a functioning body it is never a bad day. This week alone I have seen more mothers with children homeless and it breaks my heart. I've had my share of odd jobs that I hated and some I quit, but thank God he allowed me to bounce back. Chicago is a great city; however everywhere you look you can find a constant reason to say Thank you Jesus, because it could have been me.

So what interesting things did I do this week...?

I went to Borders and read for 3 hours to avoid talking to this man. The conversation went like this...

Random Dude: Excuse me, may I ask your age?
Me: Sure I am 25 why?
Random Dude: I must say you look very young from the neck up, and like a grown woman from the neck down.
Me: WTF are you talking about! (screaming in my head) Well sir thank you for the observation
Random Dude: So what’s your sign?
Me: Get the hell out of my face(in my head)... I reply, Scorpio
Random Dude: Well I am a Virgo
Me: Oh cool, can you please stop putting your hands on me
Random Dude: Oh, I am sorry Miss Lady, so can I get a name and number I can reach you at
Me: Ummm let me think about that as I read my magazines in Borders (walk off quickly)
Random Dude: Ok you promise I will be out here working till 6
Me: Ok cool (I will make sure I read till 630)… lol

Ya'll I went out on a Sat. night by myself, I thought I was toooooo cute last night until I almost fell in the middle of the street...LOL. Then I saw this group of young black people who looked as though they were having a great group discussion. I almost went over to them and asked if I could join the conversation, but I was to shy.

Of course I hit Jamba Juice a couple of times this week
Went to Taco Burrito
I meet some people at an independent film theater
Went to church and read my Sabbath school lesson
I went to dinner and listen to this white lady talk about how she loves black churches. HA!

I was on the train tonight and this black kid was turning back flips in the seat. He kept kicking the hell out of this white guys head. The dude turn around and looked at the mother like he was about to beat the hell out of her kids. I almost died laughing because the guy face was so red. Parents control your bad ass kids.

I know ya'll want to hear more dog stories but you are going to have to wait till next time on "The Journey of Ms. Devereaux"


ErynMyisha said...

i would have b*tch slapped the hell out of that little kid (and the old perv) too. girl you should have holla-d at him. he could have been your tuition! LOL whooooo......

Anonymous said...

I guess if you are out at 1:00am in Chicago you will have lots to write about. Uncle Carl

Anonymous said...

I agree with Uncle Carl. Why are you out at 1am in chicago. Haven't I taught you better than that. R you trying to freak your parents out? Cous MB.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hey, Hey, Tia, Tia! What's with all the WTFs and hell's and stuff? You make very good points, observations, etc. without the extra adjectives....


HouseofHealing said...

I read the blog from "starving artist, J-Bigg, entitled "More Stupid People" and laughed until I cried. He is stupid....too funny..WOW!

SHOEGIRL said...