Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Offically a college student...

The year is 1994 I was 12yrs. old, the month is May or June, and the day is ummm I don't remember. It’s like it was yesterday, I had flew to Chicago alone for my twin cousin’s high school graduation. I was riding with my Uncle Carl and Aunt Linda in downtown Chicago. This particular day my Uncle was showing me his office downtown. While riding in the backseat I remember looking at this amazing skyline, thinking man I would love to live here someday. At the tender age of 12 I never thought my dream would come true. You see when I was younger I never really believed in dreams. Today my dream became a reality! I attended the New Student Orientation at Columbia College. WOW, is all I have to say. Where was this school when I graduated from high school in 1999? In the mist of all the excitement, a few thoughts ran through my head today.
First, I felt really out of my element since I have only attended black schools my whole life. This time the black people are few and far between. My cousin Carl came with me as my "dad for the day" who was great and helped me relax. Oh yeah I didn’t sleep at all last night because I was so excited like a true GEEK! Even though I have attended college in the past, I never experience orientation and all the hoopla that comes with starting college. Second, I realize I was probably the oldest in the room except for the parents. Thanks to my great gene pool I don't look a day over Lastly, I almost cried thanking God for finally getting me to this point. This school offers everything you can think of to prep you for your career. We registered for classes everyone else enrolled for 12-15 credit hours. I smiled and told my advisor I needed no more than 6 credit hours. (On a budget folks) I met some new people, and most of all I am excited about starting school. I wish you guys could see my id pic, it’s so cheesy. You won't believe they gave us a book to read and would like an essay on the book next week… I am excited about that also.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good start, so determine to make a good finish. I believe in YOU!!


Noma said...


Hey woman, how have you been?? I am glad that you went back to school, in Chicago no less. Either way, I am happy for you. Good luck in your journey to your career. I finally found something for me. You would never believe that I am doing it, but I am working in food service. Since I have my ServSafe certificate, I can work to become a supervisor, then go from there. I enojy your blogs when I get a chance to read them. I don't have the internet at my dude's house so when I come to my mom's house I try to read all I can. Anyhoo, keep em coming.


ErynMyisha said...

yeah you sound like a true "crab"! lol...j/k (seriously) bt yeah those orientations can really get you pumped up. just kep that enthusiasm.