Monday, September 10, 2007

100 Questions...

OMG!!! I went to my second class today "Grammar for Journalist". We all know I am in desperate need of this class, so I am extremely excited about learning. My teacher is a black lady whose worked in Journalism for the last 20yrs. She worked with the major publications here in Chicago and currently does freelance writing, she know what she is talking about. Today, of course we went over class expectation, everyone told a little about themselves, and blah, blah, blah. Then tragedy strikes, she hands out a diagnostic test to show our level in class. Those of you who are familiar with my testing abilities know I immediately PANIC when I got the test. I HATE TEST!! I begin to stress, sweat, pick at my face, pop my gum (smacking), just completely losing it. I don't do well on test, and this will definitely change. The test had 100 grammar questions on it. Ya'll I had to take the teacher outside (I felt so embarrassed) after reading over the questions and let her know I didn't know any of the information on the paper. I asked if maybe I should be in a remedial class, because I didn't know anything. She explained to me it was just to see our level, that I am probably not the only one, and just do my best. After taking the test, my class went over the answers and I wasn't the only brilliant-idiot. Even though I may have only gotten 6 answers right, I wasn't the only one that missed numerous questions. Once I realized we all were struggling I felt better, knowing that by the end of this semester I will write on alot better. (I hope)

Most of the things we covered I don't remember discussing since 6th grade in Language Arts class. Where has my mind been since then? I wonder why my English teachers in high school never noticed my problems. It's funny how we can skate though life without noticing certain problems until it becomes a major hurdle. I know I have a few struggles that I am working on and ask that you all pray for me. Out of everything I have experienced in life returning to school, and readjusting my entire life on so many levels is by far the hardest, exciting, and scary life event yet. I know God will help me through this, because I can't stop, I have to GRADUATE!!!

Until next time on "The Journey of Ms. Devereaux"

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I had such a visual of you taking the teacher into the hallway to talk about your issue and I couldn't quit laughing. YOU are too funny...