Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Days Of My Life...

I know it’s been while since I have been on here so I have alot to update you on. How are all my readers doing? Over the last couple of weeks I have...

Finally went to DUSTIES!!!! My favorite soul food resturant

Attended a school activity called "Big Mouth" its like a talent show, but it was very interesting almost ghetto didn't know so many black kids attended Columbia. The best performances was a girl who did an amazing poem, and this he/she (born as a man, but look and dress as a woman) with his dancer, they performed Beyonce song “Freakum Dress” I wish I had it on tape, I can’t began to describe how good the he/she was, oh yeah not to mention his hair was flawless. Of course I asked him what he put on his hair to get it so straight. There was a guy who had the phrase “Free Jena 6” cut in the back of his head, I thought that was cool

Someone told me Bible stands for: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Maybe you all have heard of this before but I thought it was pretty cool

I attended Sabbath dinner with the youth at the church here, great food, interesting conversation, it was cool but of course I miss my Grace Temple family.

I still like my job it’s so funny to talk to people; customers call in to argue for anything. One lady threw a complete fit about $2.00 when it cost her more to have that conversation about the $2.00. One individual wanted to know why he was charged .05 more than the amount quoted. Also they seem to have a hard time spelling Tia which is the name I go by. I get upset most when people ask for a phone number and when you give them the number they always say" hold on let me get a pen" what have you been doing all this time I was talking. Whew, sometimes these people make me laugh and crazy at the same time. For those of you who worked in call centers you know what I mean.

I joined the Black Student Union, and Columbia College Association of Black Journalist. We have an event already planned that’s kind of exciting.

My "I Have a Dream" moment happen last week when I attended the Jena 6 march with BSU at my school, it was a great turn out, and exciting to witness people join together for an important cause. We listen to a few speakers then marched around the Daley Center (I think that is the name) honestly folks I couldn't imagine marching back in the day when it wasn't as peaceful as I experienced that night. I can't explain how I felt but it was definitely an extraordinary experience.

There is a cutie at my school gym; do you think that will make me go work out now? Hmmmm

I haven't had any random stranger run-ins lately...lol

I have been foolishly wearing heels around the city, I look sexy I think, but it hurts sometimes, women have it so hard or maybe its just women who by cheap shoes…LOL

I have been going to the wrong class for the first two weeks...lol it wasn't funny at first until it was all straighten out.

I left my keys at home yesterday and I was standing at the door of my building, this guy comes out and tells me he couldn't let me in. At first I was upset since my day begins at 6am and doesn't end until 10pm on Monday and Tuesday, but I know security is more important.

I want to go see some movies I haven't seen anything lately ya'll know I always saw everything that hit the theater... no reason for saying this it is just random thought

Oops I went shopping and I officially love thrift stores I got a jacket, shirt, a pair of jeans, and a scarf for $20.00. Is that still considered shopping?

I don't like reading out loud anymore, in my fiction writing class we have to read out loud, and when its my turn I sound like a 2nd grader reading. I do know how to read maybe it was just that day.

Oh yeah I went to a comedy club with my cousin and some friends. Those who know me know that I laugh loud. Well it was only 4 blacks in the whole club and the black comedian kept calling us out, of course it didn't help that I was laughing loud, but they were hilarious. I need a cute girly laugh...lol I still had a BLAST I want to go again.

Well that’s all folks until next time on "The Journey of Ms. Devereaux


ErynMyisha said...

tia don't change your laugh, you're just a loud person and that's the tia we all know and love.

Kenni said...

U can change for the better, just don't change who you are inside. Still love that inquisitive Tia and the one that is always excited for other people. Love ya and take care....enjoyed this blog a lot...made me laugh....