Thursday, November 15, 2007


Hey Folks, I can't begin to express in words the emotions I feel and, how proud I am to have been apart of such an amazing event sponsored by the Black Student Union last night. But I am going to try my best!

It is safe to say this was the best program Columbia College Chicago has seen this semester. I know you are wondering what Paint It Black is. Paint It Black pays tribute to African American Artist new and old such as Billie Holiday, Stevie Wonder, Alvin Ailey, Maya Angelou, Mary J. Blige, Katherine Dunham, Langston Hughes, Gordon Parks and all performances were by Columbia College Chicago students.

We all worked intensely on this project, for a moment is consumed our lives. It started as a vision of the BSU facility sponsor and became a reality last night. During the development process it didn't seem like things were going to come out like we all imagined. Everything continually changed, people didn't agree, advertisement wasn't going well, everyone had an opinion and not everyone had action. You all know how it can be when there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Honestly, many times I wanted to walk away from this project because it seemed so chaotic. I worked on the order of the performance and, I didn't realize until last night how important it was. You didn't want to bore people to death, but you had some acts that were longer, and you had to keep everyone attention. On paper it didn't seem completely right, but last night it flowed perfectly, and all the hard work paid off!!! Did I mention we had delicious soul food!!!

I never got a chance to see the talent chosen from the audition since I was always so busy with other stuff. Now I am glad I didn't see them until last night, I was able to appreciate them more. Let me tell you, there is some serious talent at Columbia College. You know how sometimes everyone is not so impressive, and a few are great? Not here... everyone was GREAT!! Not to mention the band was spectacular. Did I mention we started at 7pm (which was exactly on schedule) and ended 9:50pm which gave the audience and performers time to have a jam session. Last night I worked on the audio and visual (where did I learn that from) part of the slide show (yes I messed up a few times), it was so funny to keep hearing people say" wow I can't believe they are on schedule". Yep that's right black people can start and end on time, even with a little bit of extra jam sessions. The best moment of the night was when the last Stevie Wonder song "Living in the City" was sung. We stood there in the back watching the audience and the performer have a great time singing along (doing the electric slide) and our mission had been accomplished. The emotions I felt last night I can't even explain. It actually turned out better than we all imagined.

With my short lived time here in Chicago, I am extremely excited to have been a part of something so GREAT! Shout out to BSU!!! We did it!! Now let’s try to pass our classes this semester and get some sleep.

Oh yeah did I mention that one of my articles is featured in a newsletter that goes out across Chicago...WOW!

Until next time on “The Journey of Ms. Devereaux"

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