Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Breathe Again...

Can you hear me? I am screaming loud to the heavens full joy, as I stand in the middle of a field watching my dreams come true. I can breathe again!!!! I can’t believe I completed my first semester of school. Whew, what a semester it was, I definitely did way to much “extra” but I enjoyed it all every step of the way. I know the number one question is how did I my grades turn out? Well I won’t be answering that question just maybe only two people will know and probably not even that. This semester gave me exposure to some extremely talented, creative, driven, and weird individuals. Although my school is expensive I love it. Granted there are days I didn’t want to go (4hours one class) and sometimes even felt as though I didn’t learn anything that day. I think I may have jumped into a few things a little to fast, and maybe hang out a little too often but hey you live and you learn. I don’t know if I should say this but I am proud of myself. I know my unspoken challenges and fears in my mind and I know how many hurdles I gotten over personally this semester. I am definitely enjoying my break and have a clear vision on how next semester should go.

Thank you to everyone who helped me, if I had money you all would get Christmas gifts. But I don’t, so I say thank you for the advice, tears, emails, internet usage, late conversation, harsh words, laughter, parties, prayers, and most of all support. You know people always say they are there for you. I definitely put that to the test this semester. I am thankful to God for the people who he placed in my life because for the most part they accept me for who I am while in process try to make me better.

I am definitely over the whole glamour of living in Chicago, but I do like it here despite the cold weather and expensive cost of living. The other day it was snowing so hard and I was at the bus stop, by the time I got on the bus I looked like a snow man….lol. It was pretty, I guess. This is a great city and a lot of opportunity and networking can be done if you take advantage of it. You all will see as each of you takes time to come visit me…lol.

Funny, but unfortunate and embarrassing story: You all know I have my internship with Remember I sent out the email about dating with kids? Well I am writing what I think is going to be a GREAT article, I get half way finish and read my editorial calendar again and realize I was doing the wrong story! Talk about sick, I was ready to leap out of the window! However, this is such a great subject I am going to blog about it and still submit the article maybe for another issue. Thank you all for your help with that.

Anyway I know you all don’t like long blogs, plus I am tapped out on words for a little bit. I will definitely be back soon since I have so much I have been observing. Happy Holidays folks!

Until next time on “The Journey of Ms.Devereaux”