Monday, January 28, 2008

MSCH Disease…


MSCH is affecting all humans worldwide and everyone is at risk. After extended research of this new disease my team and I became concern and felt it was our American duty to save all my readers before they became infected. For those who may have already been infected with this terrible disease there is hope. Recently I was tested and given antibiotics to assist in controlling this disease. If you are wondering how you know if you may be infected I have taken the liberty to make a list of the ten most common symptoms….

1.If you log on daily or more than once a day.

2.If you tend to research (stalk) strangers or other addicts you know.

3.If you take pictures especially for this purpose.

4.If you have backgrounds saved on your hard drive for next time you decide to change it, and you change your background more than 6 times a month.

5.If you find yourself saying the phrase…look me up and send me a message, instead of giving your phone number.

6.If you have 6 photo albums and 3 slide shows with pictures ranging from your birth to your adult life including all family and friends nation wide and you are 46yrs old. Yet you still feel the need to update current photos of yourself.

7.If you find yourself saying this phrase…Oooh I am going to put this song on my page. Or you steal songs from other addicts pages.

8.If you feel like it is your civic duty to publicize your REAL mood each day on your page.

9.If you have 2563 friends and you only know 10 of them and the tenth one is Tom

10.If you portray yourself as something you aren’t…example: Model/Actress when you have never seen a professional camera nor have you ever been in a something as simple as the church Easter play.

11.No, I am just going to stop here because I would be blogging all day. I take that back, I am going to go ahead and say it. My pet peeve is when people put phrases on their pages and we all know they are talking to someone in particular. For goodness sake why not just tell them yourself. You know where their page is.

One more thing, in the About Me part, could you tell at least a small version of the truth?

Yes folks that’s right you are a MySpace Crack Head if any of the above fits you. Of course I could go on and on about this addition, but these are just my top ten. Feel free to contact us if you know of other symptoms or for assistance and help.

Until Next time on “The Journey of Ms.Devereaux”

Thursday, January 24, 2008

But She's WHAT ?!?!... (click on the words in orange)

She IS...

EVERYONE she meets loves her, and the list goes on, but most of all…she loves and respects her black man.

Let me tell you just a little more about her, she has blonde hair, blues eyes, and pale skin. That's right, she is WHITE! Yep, a Caucasian -- for you educated folk!

Wait...before you let your blood pressure get high, let’s take a moment and sort this whole interracial relationship (mainly Black Man/ White Woman) thing out. First, I personally have never paid attention or cared about interracial relationships. But, I did think that no one could care or understand a black mans struggle and pain like a Black Woman could. However, you all know that being in Chicago has opened my eyes to things that didn't cross my mind in TX.

Countless times I watch Black Women get emotional when they see Black Men with White Women and you can see the steam bursting from their ears. It seems to be extremely enraging for educated, strong, beautiful, and kind Black Women to see a Black Man with a White Woman. On the other hand, however, it is extremely painful or annoying for a Black Man to walk pass countless Black Women and get a cold shoulder or narrowed eyes, as I have observed numerous times (not everyone, so don’t take it personal).

Plenty of times I have asked (and some of you also) Black Men this question, "Why would you get in a relationship with a White Woman?” The common response is "less drama.” We can argue all day on whether or not that is true. What I have noticed is that white women tend to be friendlier, more open, easy going, and generally non-confrontational. I know your response "White Women don't have the same struggle as we Black Women do, so that’s why it’s easy for them to be friendly.” Is this really a true response? Being polite and cordial with a smile is a choice.

I think we should be more open to love verses color. Also, we need to take a look at ourselves before getting upset at someone else’s preference. So I ask...

When you first started reading this post did you think she was Black?

So she’s White, does it matter if she gives all that to her man?

What are your thoughts on this type (Black Man/White Woman) relationship?

Is he CRAZY to let this White woman go, just because she doesn't fit someone else's mold?

Are we driving our Black Men away?

Faithful readers I want to ‘hear ya’ on this subject, as it’s a huge concern for Black Women (and White Men). And, I am very interested in hearing what your have to say. Men PLEASE respond. Folks, tell me if I wrong about this.

Until next time on “The Journey of Ms. Devereaux"

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Man + Woman = Friends ?

This is an age old subject that has been talked about for years. Now I need to come to some type of conclusion because I am confused.

What is the definition of friends when it pertains to male and female? Can women and men have platonic friendships? If so how?

There seems to be only three levels to dating; friends, dating, and a relationship. But what is the difference in friends, friends with benefits, and dating?

When a man and a woman are friends do they have the same rules as two women or two men being friends?

If you are indeed just friends how do keep a platonic friendship? Are there any rules?

Why does a woman need a man friend?

How many men know when she says you’re “friends” that you really want more than a friendship?

Why does a man want a woman friend, especially if you have female relatives (sister, cousins)?

If you are in a relationship why do you need a friend of the opposite sex?

I just want to crack the code, often times in dating or just everyday life we refer to the opposite sex as “friends” but what do we really mean? I believe if you can’t do the same things you do with your friends of the same sex as with opposite sex then you are not friends. In the dating game it can get confusing when being told we are “friends”.

Example: Let’s say Craig and you are “friends”, you all are cool, hang out, laugh, and talk about your issues and everything else “friends” do. But one day you all hang out to late and spend the night (as you would with one of your girlfriends) over his house. That night Craig begins to take things to another level, confusion arises because Craig said we are “friends”. If you don’t kiss, touch, cuddle, rub, nor are you intimate with your same sex friends, why are you trying to take it to that level? Well I am glad you ask….

Men and women aren’t “friends” that is just a bullish title in order not to put any pressure on either parties and in the event something does happen one person can always say its nothing we're just “friends”. Now you are sitting there with your face broke because you really never knew what it meant to be just “friends”. At the end of the day it seems to me we are seeking something from the opposite sex that our girlfriend or guy friends aren’t giving us. I know so many of you are going to say “I have plenty “friends” who I haven’t been intimate with nor am I interested in them”. That may be the case but are you really friends.

I could definitely be wrong about this whole “friend” concept, so I need you as my faithful readers to tell me what it means to be friends with the opposite sex and how do you keep it on a friend level?

Until next time “On the Journey of Ms. Devereaux”

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hands That Stand

ADMIRE: to regard with wonder, pleasure, or approval
One thing about living in Chicago that I wouldn’t normally experience in Texas is the personal interactions of strangers on a daily basis. I began to notice the amount of blue collar workers around the city. Oddly enough many of them are black men; of course I love black men who will work, I love your hustle, I am your cheerleader. Plus most of them are very handsome! If I had money I would treat all the hard working blue and white collar black men to a day of pampering and just showing appreciation for all their hard work and struggles. Everyday I see one sweeping the subway stairs, moping the lobby of an office building, riding on the back of the garbage truck, directing traffic, driving the bus, working behind the security desk, lugging cases of drinks in the convenient store. I always look at most of these men and wonder how often they are told they are appreciated and you are doing a good job.

Then you have the white collar black men, who I see walking in the financial district or in the downtown office building dressed in their suits, armed with their briefcase, and ready to do their best in a corporate game that doesn’t really want them around. I believe black men have it the hardest and I am not sure we say I am proud of you or I appreciate you often enough. There are times when if you just say hello or how you doing that could brighten their day especially some of the mean looking black women (sorry but its no secret ya’ll look mean) something to make them smile it can add a boost to there already hard day.

The other day I saw a black man that was maybe in his 50’s crying on the bus. I couldn’t imagine what would bring this grown man to tears on a bus full of strangers. He wasn’t crying hard or loud but you could see the tears flowing from his eyes. My heart hurt for him and all I could do was write him a note saying I didn’t know what burdened him, but that I would pray for him and he should trust the Lord with his issues. It’s hard out here in this world but I think for black men they have it the hardest.

We need our black men. They are the hands we stand on. I just think it would be nice if we weren’t so busy being so mad about them possibly not dating someone who looks like us but paying more attention to uplifting and appreciating them, then-- maybe we could start to change one person at a time. The next time you see a black man--city,suburb, or country, SMILE and say hello. The next time one opens the door for you SMILE and say thank you. If you are close enough, SMILE and say how are you doing today? If a black man is living in your home and he gets up everyday and goes to face a world that doesn’t really want him there, when he comes home, let him know that you appreciate him.

I could go on and on, but you all know what I am talking about. Lets learn to appreciate our hardworking black men.

When you think about a black man what comes to your mind?

When is the last time that you told a black man you ADMIRE him?

Please respond to these questions, I am asking for a reason.

Until next time on “The Journey of Ms. Devereaux”