Monday, January 28, 2008

MSCH Disease…


MSCH is affecting all humans worldwide and everyone is at risk. After extended research of this new disease my team and I became concern and felt it was our American duty to save all my readers before they became infected. For those who may have already been infected with this terrible disease there is hope. Recently I was tested and given antibiotics to assist in controlling this disease. If you are wondering how you know if you may be infected I have taken the liberty to make a list of the ten most common symptoms….

1.If you log on daily or more than once a day.

2.If you tend to research (stalk) strangers or other addicts you know.

3.If you take pictures especially for this purpose.

4.If you have backgrounds saved on your hard drive for next time you decide to change it, and you change your background more than 6 times a month.

5.If you find yourself saying the phrase…look me up and send me a message, instead of giving your phone number.

6.If you have 6 photo albums and 3 slide shows with pictures ranging from your birth to your adult life including all family and friends nation wide and you are 46yrs old. Yet you still feel the need to update current photos of yourself.

7.If you find yourself saying this phrase…Oooh I am going to put this song on my page. Or you steal songs from other addicts pages.

8.If you feel like it is your civic duty to publicize your REAL mood each day on your page.

9.If you have 2563 friends and you only know 10 of them and the tenth one is Tom

10.If you portray yourself as something you aren’t…example: Model/Actress when you have never seen a professional camera nor have you ever been in a something as simple as the church Easter play.

11.No, I am just going to stop here because I would be blogging all day. I take that back, I am going to go ahead and say it. My pet peeve is when people put phrases on their pages and we all know they are talking to someone in particular. For goodness sake why not just tell them yourself. You know where their page is.

One more thing, in the About Me part, could you tell at least a small version of the truth?

Yes folks that’s right you are a MySpace Crack Head if any of the above fits you. Of course I could go on and on about this addition, but these are just my top ten. Feel free to contact us if you know of other symptoms or for assistance and help.

Until Next time on “The Journey of Ms.Devereaux”


Wonderful Unknown said...

LOL!!! The truth!

Sunshine said...

lol your funny... but you make a very valid point!

ErynMyisha said...

whew...i've done non of those so i'm safe! i don't even know HOW to change the background or add more than one song if i WANTED to.

ErynMyisha said...

oh..and, ummm...i'm not loving this bile green background, k?

Adrian @ Path to Your Destiny said...

LOL, this made me smile. Cute post!

Anonymous said...

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