Monday, February 11, 2008

Do you agree?...

A friend of mine sent this to me and I would like know what you guys think about this list. Do you agree? What would you add or delete?

A Woman Should Know:
To love herself
Money Management
How to do her hair/makeup
Take care of their bodies (workout)
They need to have the reliable "lil black/red dress"
Control their emotions
Say what they mean
Don't ask questions they don't want the answers to
Change a tire
A man needs to be held too
She should have at least one real male friend (nothing more nothing less than friendship)
PMS is not an excuse
Find yourself before you find a man
Men are insecure about their bodies too
Exes do make us uncomfortable
The difference between a phillips and flat head screwdriver
How to use at least one power tool
One sport
Name of a team in that sport
A player on that team
Maybe a fact about the sport
Cook at least one thing off the chain

Every man should know:
how to change a diaper
how to clean/cook/wash clothes for himself
that a woman also wants to be seduced
that a woman loves a man who smells amazing.
how to really kiss
how to caress
how to use his hands...i.e. fix things around the house, in the car
that paying for dinner is not outdated
how to be romantic
that a woman is not a mind reader that is why we ask so many expressive, communicate!!!
reading is fundamental
how to manage money
that investing early is the key to success
what type of person they would like to be in the have a plan
drinking themselves under the table is not cute
to show their emotions
know at least one "chic-flick" they can tolerate and appreciate
be consistant
Ask questions...don't guess.
be a comfort not a "mr. fix" it


SunShine said...

I totally love this!!!!! lol I really agree 100% in both areas.

One of My Fav's!

It really does take a strong, Fun loving, secure woman to attract the same kind of Man!

So it is so very important to know yourself well!

Anonymous said...

Okay,I agree with most of it. However, to my understanding PMS is a valid excuse/reason, in the court of law. One should still try to control emotions to best of ability. Women don't need real male friends other than siblings/relative. The sport team thing is a plus, not a requirement. In summary both sexes should love God and themselves, plus be prepared to present their best it they want the best.-mlb

ErynMyisha said...

you forgot to mention that both need to know how/be willing to learn how to give, seriously. i'm not joking or trying to be tacky. this is seriously a deal breaker. thanks. *walks away to a standing ovation*

Textibitionist said...

I love this! May I share?

Honey Devereaux said...


Sure you can share!