Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Keep Running...

As I writer I tend to believe I have a creative imagination. But even in my wildest thoughts I couldn’t have created the events that have taken place in my life over the past few months.

When I first determined to start on this journey of moving to Chicago and finishing my undergrad degree I didn’t expect for it to be easy. I figured I would attend school, work and deal with the simple daily issues of life. However, every since I moved here absolutely nothing has been simple about this experience. It started out smooth but around November 2007 things started to slowly get out of hand, people around me changed, some of them disappeared for reasons I will never know, I got jammed in a few very bad/bizarre situations, and for a second I was going to leave Chicago. Don’t get me wrong there have been some very positive and exciting things that have happen which is what keeps me here and the people that pick me up when I stumble.

Two crazy situations happen this week ( we are only on Wednesday) which really made want to give up and go home because, lately I just gotten tired of all the bullish and think “maybe this isn’t what I am suppose to be doing”. Then I start my usual conversation with myself. I asked myself “how bad do I really want to reach my goal”. I thought about all the people I knew personally or read about and how they KEEP RUNNING until they reached their finish line. Recently I learned about my new hero Melvin Van Peebles and his struggle in the 1970’s with Hollywood. My grandma and everything she went through to raise 12 children, C.V.W,my mother, my aunts,uncles, my dad, cousins, friends, and a host of other people’s triumphant stories.

Writing is my passion which I feel is my purpose and obtaining my degree is one of my goals. Today while walking in the rain feeling sorry for myself I reminded myself that you have to fight with every bone in your body for what you want. No matter how hard the punches of life are. Some will knock you down flat on your back, but just get up and KEEP RUNNING. It will never come easy. Although to the average person looking at my situation everything seems cool. But let me let you guys in on a little secret… This experience has been one of the hardest fights in my life on so many different levels.

If you have a goal or dream KEEP RUNNING until you reach the finish line. Don’t let anything stop you, even when you want to give up and you feel you have nothing left you KEEP RUNNING. I tell myself everyday “whatever it takes” meaning whatever it takes to reach my goal I will do. Trust God in everything you do cause without him you can’t do anything. Go after your goals never second guess yourself. I am getting a little tired but trust me I am going to KEEP RUNNING until I cross the finish line.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Survivors Rules…

Let it be heard and known that I don’t play games and honestly I don’t really get the whole ‘GAME’ when comes to dating. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. Clearly men find it difficult to believe a woman when she says that. I have been advised that it’s all a game until you are married. This presents a problem for me because I try to be as straight forward and direct as possible. There have been some recent weird changes in my so-called ‘dating’ life and I have decided to see if my readers can give me some help on what are the official ‘survivors rules’ of the ‘dating game'. I’m going to give you all some scenarios and I need your help.


1. If you text someone with concern (simply meaning “I’m just trying to see if you are alive and that everything is ok with you”) and they refuse to respond… what does that mean?
2. If someone ‘ignores you’ (voicemail, text, email) for more than three days after you had an ongoing friendship with them for over six months… what does that meant?
3. If someone asks you to be ‘honest with them’, and you do, and then they get upset… What do you do? Do people really want the truth?
4. Today, do most male and female want the relationship become sexual?
5. Men do you really like to chase?
6. Today, do most male and female expect the relationship to become sexual?
7. Does a relationship initially started in a nightclub realistically have a future?
8. If someone came up to you and truthfully stated “Hi, I think you are attractive and would like get intimate with you”… would you be offended, OR, would respect them for being honest? Does this person have a chance?
9. How can you tell if someone is starting to get too ‘attached’?
10. What is your #1 pet peeve when dating?

I hear so many stories about dating because everyone has been in the ‘dating game’ at some point of their lives. However people always find themselves saying “I just don’t understand why this happened?” I think if we had some official ‘dating game ‘rules that everyone used as a guide, maybe this dating thing could go a little smoother. Please let me know what you think because people are getting hurt out here.

Until next time on “The Journey of Ms. Devereaux”

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

TEXAS, What Happened?

Possibly I haven't paid close enough attention to the news as I should. However, last I read and seen from the rally at Reunion Arena, Barack Obama had Texas on lock. Granted since I am not in Texas I don't know what's really going on down there. WFAA.com and CNN.com news reported tonight that people came out in record numbers to vote. There are pictures of people in lines longer than I have ever seen for voting in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. On a positive note I am glad to see so many people came out to vote.

How did Hillary Clinton win Texas?

Did all these people go out and vote for her?

Did Hillary steal this vote?

I am confused, disappointed, and sick to my stomach because I honestly believed Barack Obama was going to win Texas.

I wanted to write a full blog but, I have lost my inspiration.

Let me know what you think, because I just don't get it.

Until next time on "The Journey of Ms.Devereaux"