Wednesday, March 5, 2008

TEXAS, What Happened?

Possibly I haven't paid close enough attention to the news as I should. However, last I read and seen from the rally at Reunion Arena, Barack Obama had Texas on lock. Granted since I am not in Texas I don't know what's really going on down there. and news reported tonight that people came out in record numbers to vote. There are pictures of people in lines longer than I have ever seen for voting in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area. On a positive note I am glad to see so many people came out to vote.

How did Hillary Clinton win Texas?

Did all these people go out and vote for her?

Did Hillary steal this vote?

I am confused, disappointed, and sick to my stomach because I honestly believed Barack Obama was going to win Texas.

I wanted to write a full blog but, I have lost my inspiration.

Let me know what you think, because I just don't get it.

Until next time on "The Journey of Ms.Devereaux"


Anonymous said...

1. Voting is rigged? or
2. Hillary's smear campaign the week before put Obama's "true" character into questions. or
3. Maybe there are more "legal" Hispanics in Texas...riiiiggght
4. Or maybe Texas got scared of the rumor of Hillary's threat to "sue" Texas if she didn't win.
5. Or maybe the MESS at the polls last night could have cause a miscount?.....hmmmmmm

Hmmmm...I think I will choose #5 (to comment on, anyway)

Texas consisted of hectic OUTSIDE lines, lack of paperwork, lack of knowledge of the CLEAR caucus voting process, lack of appropriate voting facilities. RECOUNT!!!
Honestly I think the democrats are doing all the work for McCain. Heck this fued is expected to last til June!! They should turn there focus on McCain, as there stances on issues have pretty much been explored throught the debates. If you are the "chosen one" then let your strategy be "address the issues". Good luck America in the next 4 years!!

Dat dude said...

Clinton are playing dirty. Something doesn't smell right in TX and OH. Shades of Florida (200) and OH (2004).

SUNSHINE said...

I am so UPSET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Need I say More! But I will, Hillary clinton is the epitome of a wolf in sheeps clothing!!!
The election was only by a minor margrin error, 48% OBAMA 51% Clinton... The Caucus results have not been processed yet!
It pays to be a fighter but she will pay for being a Cheater!!!!!

May the best Candidate WIN!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunate. I'm still hoping TX and OH, as a whole aren't as simple/clueless as the world assumes. I'm betting on a "calculation error". Likely a trial run on rigging the real election....what do you think?

Hillary, I am continually losing more respect for her. If you can't win without throwing dirt...

To Obama, like the donkey in the dirt pit with dirt getting shoveled on him..."shake it off and stomp it under your feet." Some ya'll have hear this before... :-)

Tiff:) said...

Well Tia I am just as confused and disappointed as u! But look at it this way... It aint over yet! We just have to stay focused and pray for the best!

Anonymous said...

The Texas Two Step was complete chaos and I KNOW for a fact, the voting and caucusing done at my precinct were not properly accounted for and added for the benefit of the candidates. I heard different answers from every "worker" for every question I asked. Then people start yelling, "Does anybody have any paper in their purse or car? Please just write your name, address and candidate down and pass it around". WHAT???? They were pulling people out of line to work and count. How do we know you CAN count? Let alone do it accurately? I didn't get home until after 1am, and to see "Hillary has claimed Texas", was ludicrous!!! They were still counting votes and caucus numbers when I departed the precinct. I felt so unimportant and defeated, like my hands were tied. I couldn't do anything to help the person I truly believe can make a "change". I'm not that type of person, but if I was I would say "what difference does it make anyway, if I vote"? I will continue to fight as a delegate for Obama till the bitter end, even though I am completely disappointed!

John Feehan said...

You can't always count on what people predicting elections have to say - remember at the very start?

Everyone SWORE Hillary had the first primary; New Hampshire or whatever. Barack sweeped it.

Then everyone was SURE Barack would take the next one, and Hilary came from out of nowhere.

You can never be sure of anything, and I think people are learning that each time they predict the outcome of any primary or caucus.