Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Black Men's Appreciation Day 2008

Our Foundation

It’s a time for change, a time for appreciation, a time for admiration and respect, and what better way to embrace this time than to appreciate the hands we stand on…our black men.

We need our black men. They are the hands we stand on. The next time you see a black man — city, suburb, or country, — SMILE and say hello.The next time a brother opens the door for you, SMILE and say thank you. If you are close enough, SMILE and ask “how are you doing today?”If a black man is living in your home and he gets up everyday and goes to face a world that doesn’t really want him there, when he comes home,let him know that you appreciate him.

This message has inspired the ladies of www.singleblackmale.net to start a movement of love and change.

Black Men Appreciation Day is about saying thank you, smiling, giving a gift, positive affirmation, hugs, kisses, or even saying 'I admire you' or 'I’m proud of you' or whatever you can think of to show appreciation to the black men you encounter.

On September 17, 2008 we will stand up and stand together in admiration and appreciation of our black men. They are not only our hands but also our foundation, and without this foundation our house will surely crumble. Remember, it only takes one person to start a movement…one person to initiate a change. Imagine the difference a multitude will make. Our black men deserve this, we deserve this. What good is a house without a strong foundation? Let’s strengthen our foundation. Together we will make a difference.

Please come back and share your responses you received and how you felt showing this love and appreciation.

Spread the word, spread the love…September 17th is now officially Black Men Appreciation Day!