Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Ms. Devereaux...

Today is my 27th birthday and I am so grateful I made it. I decided to make a list of things I am thankful for to celebrate.

I am thankful for...

- A healthy body, mind, and soul.

- Being able to work towards my dreams everyday.

-Learning from past mistakes, and seeing myself growing as a woman everyday.

-Being able to recognize my blessing even during the hardest time.

- An amazing support system of family and friends. I don't know were I would be without them. To all of you I say... THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU!

-My sister, she really has no idea what it is like watching her grow into an incredible young woman. I love you so much, baby sis and keep pushing.

- The strength to move forward even when I want to quit.

- That I had a GREAT time Saturday night celebrating, plus my one of best friends came to visit me this weekend.

- That I still have both my parents active in my life. I think I take this for granted way too often.

My list could go on forever, but I am just thankful for all of God's blessings in my life.

To celebrate my birthday, tell me what you are thankful for.

Until next time on "The Journey of Ms. Devereaux"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

1st Radio Interview...

Finally, my 1st radio interview!! Yes I go by the name of HoneyLove, (shout out to Kj and Aleesha for creating that name.) There is no particular theme to this interview. My assignment was to interview someone who attended my school. This interview is with one of the Graduate Assistant, who left a career as a business analyst and nows lives in the residence hall. I thought this was a pretty interesting change of pace. The interview is 9 mins long.

Please feel free to give any HONEST feedback. I really want to know what you all think.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Michelle Orphalee McMullen-Missing

One of our fellow bloggers Akua sister has been missing. If anyone has any information please don't hesitate. Our prayers are with you Akua.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Let Me Out !...

Lately, I have been extremely home sick, and I was on duty this past weekend, which didn't make it better. However, I am blessed to have my Aunt Linda in the suburbs. I can always go chill with her and it feels a little like TX. Over the weekend while trapped in the building on duty ( I really do love my job) I started thinking about when I was a child, and the joy of coming home from school and going outside to play. At one point, that was once the highlight of my day. I couldn't wait to go out and play during recess, then rush home to do my homework/chores so I could go outside again. That was the good old days...

Growing up I got a lot of whippings, in school, at home, and at my grandma's house. Pretty much everyone got whippings in on me. I remember one day, when I was in private school my teachers got smart and realize that the whippings didn't phase me anymore. I just wanted them to get it over with so I could get outside and play. This particular day, I got in trouble as usual in the 6th grade for cursing(yes I was way to young to curse, but I did it!). My teacher Ms. Jackson(she was one of the best teachers I ever had) sent everyone outside and told me to stay in. I wasn't really nervous since I had been getting in trouble often that school year.
After everyone leaves for recess, I go to her desk and she tells me I want you to write a 1000 lines saying 'I will not curse'. Ok, that's cool I can handle it. By this point I had been writing lines for months now, so I had it down to a science. We pray together, then I go get myself ready to go outside. While packing my books Ms. Jackson decides to tell me...' also, you CANNOT go outside for recess for the rest of week'. I turned around and almost cursed again. WTH!!! I almost collapsed on the floor. I couldn't believe what was coming out of her mouth. Everything begin to move in slow motion. I ran up to her desk and began negotiating to write more lines, and she can tell my daddy what I did so he will give me a whipping too. But PLEASE LET ME GO OUTSIDE!!! She wouldn't budge, I was devastated. I couldn't believe it, the ultimate punishment had taken place. Not only was I not allowed to go outside at school, but my dad whipped me and I couldn't go outside at home either. Of course, by this point I was plotting to run Even though I thought I was going to die that week I made it. All week I stood in the window every day watching everybody play as I cried silently in my room. You would think I would have stop cursing, but I didn't the same thing happened again a few months later when we lost our softball game. That is another story though.

Kids now days don't play outside that much anymore. They have the internet, video games. cellphones, and I guess it's not as safe anymore. I really miss recess, because it was a great release from everything around me.

Do you ever want to go outside and play, when you feel trapped or overwhelmed?

Thursday, October 2, 2008


We are officially a month into school. It's been really busy, especially since I have a lot more on my plate. I work as a Resident Assistant to 34 students on my floor. I take 15 credit hrs., and I work in the computer lab. The RA gig is not really that bad. I haven't had any problems with my students or anybody else in the building yet.(knock on wood). Honestly, I think my students like me. If they need anything they have no problem knocking on my door. Other duties I have as an RA is to create bulletin boards monthly, and activities for my students. So now my creative side has to come out. Check out some of my work. Special thanks to MLB for the help.

My classes are cool. I really HATE my Copy Editing class. I like the teacher but I just hate the class. Unfortunately, I am not a detail person as much as I should be, so it is extremely challenging for me. Not to mention AP Stylebook has the most insane rules for writing. I like my Jazz dance class. I have this obsession with learning how to dance so I plan on taking dance till I graduate. Since we have a dance school the classes are really intense. Most of these people have been dancing for years. My teacher retired from the Alvin Alley Dance Company, I'm glad she is patient with me. I mean I have no sense of rhythm or coordination at all. It is definitely a site to see. Radio Interviewing is a fun class, I conduct real interviews and they are aired on the school radio station. I will upload my interviews for you all to hear and tell me what you think. Oh yeah, my Visual Journalism class is great. I learn about magazine/newspaper layouts and create my own throughout the semester. For my final I have to create a full layout meaning the article, photos, editing, everything as though it is going to print in a publication the next day. Which some might get chosen for a publication depending on how good it is.

Now that I am living by myself I cook everyday almost. Mainly healthy stuff, and I think I accidentally became a vegetarian since meat is so high. I paid $9.00 for 3 pieces of chicken last time I went shopping. Plus, I am a pretty good cook. Over this past weekend I went to my friends house and I made a salad. Check out the pic below. I think the avocado made it look kind of weird.

Basically that is all I do. My life is pretty boring and busy at the same time. I don't date, party, shop, or hang out with friends( since I only have two, one is married the other has a boyfriend). I think I am content though, which is weird for me. God is still blessing me and I really can't complain, because every night after my longs days I get to come home and look out the window at this amazing view God has blessed me with.(yes this the real view from my apartment)
I like this song I heard in my dance class by Duffy- Hanging on Too Long. I can't relate at this point in my life, but I have been there before. click the link to hear the song. That is all for now folks...

Until next time on 'The Journey of Ms. Devereaux'