Monday, December 15, 2008

Nights Like This...

* Nights like this... I wish rain drops would fa- ha- ha-ha-alll*- Eddie Cain

It is extremely windy and rainy tonight. I am sitting here with my legs kicked up on my desk, looking out of the window at the Sears Tower thinking about how crazy this last week has been. At last, the semester is over and most of my students are gone. I actually thought I was going to lose my mind this week. Let me tell you all what happened:

- I lost my flash drive with ALL my work on it! Including my final that was due on Monday. I had to redo the entire thing! Check out the finished product...

- I found out I can’t get a grant from my school that they promised me because the school
won’t give me anymore institution funds. They are covering my housing because I work as an RA, now I am going to get deported back to TX! Still praying for a miracle…

- My dance teacher was very proud of me, I truly did much better than I anticipated; considering it is a dance school and I have no rhythm or coordination.

- I interviewed an 11yr old aspiring writer for my radio interviewing class. She was incredible! Everyone loved her and most of all she was ecstatic about it!

- Saturday I couldn’t stop crying and I’m really not sure why. I guess the thought of going home was setting in.

- Church was great on Sabbath. Glad I went.

- My dating life has but faded from my rearview… The two guys I’m digging, I feel like I should fallback on. I don’t think it will turn into anything serious. One is definitely sexy as hell to me…whew!

- Friday night my friend took me to an incredible Jazz Gospel Messiah concert. I have never experienced such an musical event in my life! It was like Handel meets Gospel. That was an excellent way to end my stressful week!!!!

Now I plan on relaxing and figuring out my next move in life, I really need to re-evaluate myself and the people around me. I definitely do not plan on going home for the holidays which is fine with me. Although I had the next 3yrs planned out things always change. People always say you should plan and set goals. Then they turn around and say live each day like it’s your last. Then they say take it one day at a time, don’t look so far into the future. Blah blah blah… Who the hell are THEY anyway? So I decided for myself and based on things that I have witnessed this year in my life and others around me that I will plan for the next 6months to a year. I know what I would like to see happen in the next 5yrs, but right now it’s just not possible for me to plan that far ahead.

Question of the post: Do you find future planning helpful and if so, how far do you planning ahead?

I will blog more often now that I am on break so stay tuned and keep checking for more updates.

Until next on "The Journey of Ms. Devereaux"


shelia said...

If you have no clear direction on where you want to go with your life, then it's hard praying for what you want.

Life is filled with changes.
I think you should think about what you want, put it down on paper, pray about it and when you pray, believe that it will be.

I suggest after you make your major goals, to make mini-goals that will get you closer to those major goals. That way you will see progress and not get dissuaded from your original plans.

ladebelle said...

i think future planning is cool, as long as you also make plans in case you deviate from the original plan you'll have back up...

complicated i guess... but i think it's all about being flexible with your life plan because so many things can affect it... your job, economy, the President, etc.

like sheila, i'm a goal-setter/planner... i like being able to check off different goals that i've obtained...

Beyond Danielle said...

I don't think you can plan the future, plus it's draining. Live for the day.

Teacia said...

I say plan for the future long term, and set short term markers to reach.

This way you'll have a finish line and markers along the way to keep you focused and stress free.

For instance I want to lose marker is 3lbs, once I get there I'll move it another and son on until I reach 10lbs. Slow and steady'll work out.

Single Black Male said...

As you already know ... I'm all for future planning. I try and do weekly, monthly, yearly, and then lifetime goals. I've tried doing daily ... but it never works out too much.

I'm not the best at always sticking with these goals ... but I'm a huge proponent of educated and thought out moves.


Eb the Celeb said...

I have a weakness for the sexy dude too... even though you feel in you gut its not going anywhere you still want to play around with it

and I love that Eddie Cain