Thursday, June 11, 2009

Its Over So Now What...

It has been six months since I have written anything that didn't pertain to my school work. I guess I will catch you guys up on what I have been doing over the last six months. With 3 jobs, 15 credit hours, and semi-social life I was pretty busy. Now the summer is here and I am extremely bored. I think I am one of those people who have to stay busy in order to be productive.

- This semester did not end with the best g.p.a but it wasn't that bad. Just a few digits shy of a 3.0 but I talked to my teacher last night and I see a grade change on the horizon.

-I had the perfect paid internship!! I was working as the senior editor for a new online magazine through a non-profit organization. It was my baby I did everything from managing a staff of 10, creating the website, and tons of other responsibility. It was everything I wanted to do when I graduated and to good to be true!!! We all worked very hard until the week after finals and close to launching the website it all came to a HALT! Not only is there no magazine right now, but my payroll checks bounced along with the web designer checks. Now I feel like all that work was in vain and I let my staff down. Currently I am seriously thinking of starting my own magazine and I am still pissed at the publisher.

-The RA job ended but at least I got hired for next year!!! I will miss those checks over the summer. It was a decent first year and now I am equipped to do much better next year.

- The love life is still wack!! I have a guy who does like me but something is pushing me away from him so I am following my gut. Some other guys spark my interest but for some reason they think we are!

So I lost 2 of my 3 jobs and currently working in the computer lab and will be volunteering for the summer. Im trying hot yoga classes again which I love and pray the sun comes out and it gets hot in Chicago so I play outside more.

Although I am feeling very unproductive and trying to figure out what my God given talent is, life is still pretty good and really no reason to complain. I think it is time to reinvent myself again. I don't know but you all can look for more blog post coming soon. Since I am on the computer all day its really no reason I should not be blogging.

Until next time on " The Journey of Ms. Devereaux"